Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the pre-exam playlist

I have an exam tomorrow, and yet i'm blogging .
I'm stressed therefore I blog. My new philosophy, i believe that sharing things may make you feel better.

I'm gonna start this with complaining about my life, you can skip this part.
Why do i have such an adverse reaction to stress? from menstrual cycle abnormality, gastritis, neck and shoulder pain, and now, dermatitis. WTF ? can't i just cope with all this tension without having any bodily symptoms ? aggh.

Ok then,I've been sitting in this chair for almost six hours now, reading slides from lectures. And instead of reading the slides and carefully remember every complexity in every detail in that slides, i paid more attention to songs played by the iTunes. smart.
So, i was thinking why don't i share my music, that way i wouldn't feel like i'm wasting my time being a stupid head. hehe.
here we go:
Metric -Fantasies
I'm a fan of Metric, yet i didn't know that they have a new album. haha. It was out on April something. Great band, great music. Sounds like YYYs, but different. go figure.I recommend : Please I'm Alive and Sick Muse.

Ingrid Michaelson - All Love
I think this is her new single, i'm not really sure though. My brother downloaded this one. I only have one song, All Love. Great song, playing it over and over again. haha. Just like her other songs, it's catchy and fun.

Katie Herzig - Apple Tree
I love her voice. and her songs of course. ;) Old album, heard them first time like exactly a year ago, and still loving it till now.

huffh. that's all, my company during this harsh state of mind, the stress.
Enjoy, hope you'll like them the way i do.
Gotta back to the endless powerpoint slides. huffh. Bye now!

mood: slightly lifted