Saturday, May 30, 2009

post SOCA

morning, sunshine! :)
it's my favorite phrase for a morning energy booster , works every time. TRUST ME IT WORKS.

Okay then, I had my SOCA on monday (may 25th), and it was a hell of experience! Oh yes, I LOVE SOCA. I cried my eyes out that day. I got a good mark though, but I'm not satisfied with my performance that day, shiit!. Feel so stupid, and indeed it was a trainwreck. :(( EMBERASSING! Maybe the examiner had a concussion before, it's possible, considering how i performed that day and still passed the exam.
Anyway, The scariest thing has passed, the fear that i would srcrew up big time. Yes I screwed up, but not BIG time. I'm gratefull for what i got. ;) maybe i'm not satisfied for how i performed, but not the result.
Satisfactory is a scary word. When you satisfied , you forget how to move on. It's a comfort zone. I'm keeping my self motivated with this "mind-trick". Persue the best , and keep the best as an imaginary line. Something that keep moving, something to move forward ;)

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