Thursday, April 30, 2009

my -not so- new post

owkay, my first post.
(errr... not exactly my 1st,anyway. I've had blogs before, maybe 4-6 blogs, which i don't know where they are now. haha. sorry)

I start blogging again, with high hopes that i will stay loyal to this one ( I REALLY DO HOPE), but who knows, time will tell ;) . I knew i always have this urge to write, and yes i was right. I'm a type of person who tells story :D

ok then, i'll write something soon, promise you. I'm really really really freakishly tired now.... and i haven't take a bath (it's 6 p.m now, and you must think i'm disgusting -which in fact is abolutely true. me with my gluey hair , eww-)

and yes, i'm crazy with the YEAH YEAH YEAHS new album "It's Blitz!".
Karen O is falling in love - i'm just being a smartass here, guessing- , the songs are awesomes!! hear them out.


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